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High Quality Insect And Pest Control In Missouri

Our team is committed to providing an exceptional and expert service to eliminate any insect pest infestation. We are dedicated to offering affordable and cost-effective solutions that are highly competitive in the market. We take pride in the quality of our work and ensure that our services are tailored to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


Eradicate or obstruct the reproduction of pests such as bugs and insects that are typically found around residences and gardens

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Eco-friendly Treatment

Executing a series of focused remedies to protect the whole region while minimizing the risk of chemical toxicity to human life

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Integrated Pest Management

Halt and secure your property from the damages and contamination caused by harmful bugs applying combination of control techniques

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High Tech Pest Control
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Residential & Commercial Insect Pest Control In Missouri

At Pest and Wildlife Service, we offer a top-quality service to eliminate all types of insects from your property. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, we have the experience and expertise to carry out a controlled and professional service to eradicate any infestation.

We are equipped to handle all kinds of insects, including termites, bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, wasps, cluster flies, earwigs, moths, and more. We understand that an insect infestation can cause emotional distress and health hazards, and that’s why we take swift action to clear your property of all pests.

When it comes to pest control, we are the experts in the neighbourhood. While there are other businesses that offer pest control services, not all of them provide the same level of service or the same high standards that we offer.

Here are some reasons why you should choose Pest and Wildlife Service to solve your pest problem:

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What Makes Us Different?

Local Expertise: Our team is comprised of locals who live and work in your area, and as such, they have an intimate understanding of the pests that are common in your region. We stay updated with the latest infestation issues and techniques to ensure that we can respond to your needs promptly and effectively.

Up-to-Date Knowledge: Our specialists are trained on the latest techniques and methods of pest control, and we recognize that certain techniques may be more effective in specific areas. We utilize our local knowledge and regular training to provide the most comprehensive and effective service possible.

Professionalism: Our reputation as a leading pest control specialist is built on our professionalism and expertise. Our team is dedicated to providing courteous and polite service from the moment we arrive at your property to the completion of the job. We take pride in being professional in every aspect of our work, including arriving on time, providing fast and timely service, and leaving your property clean and tidy.

Competitive Pricing: We offer affordable and competitive rates, and we strive to provide value to our customers by delivering the best service at an acceptable price.

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Traditional Ethical Values:

Our business has earned the trust of our customers over time due to our commitment to good, ethical values and honest business practices.

We also prioritize environmental sustainability in our service delivery, as we understand that it is important to our clients. To achieve this, we employ sustainable and green techniques wherever possible. We conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to ensure the safety of children and pets and guarantee that our methods and products are risk-free.

Integrated pest control is a science-based and sustainable method for preventing and eliminating pest infestation problems. Our pest management techniques include biological, chemical, cultural, and physical methods.

Biological techniques involve the application of natural enemies such as predators or competitors to eliminate bug pests. Chemical techniques involve the application of insecticides alongside other methods, only when absolutely necessary. Cultural techniques involve breaking the “culture” of the bug environment by inhibiting their procreation and survival. Physical techniques involve disrupting the physical environment setting using soil saturation, temperature, and more to make it unsuitable for bug pests.

Through our comprehensive approach utilizing all of these techniques, we can provide a well-rounded program for controlling and eradicating your bug pests.

What Kinds of Places Do We Service?

Single-Family Homes

Our complete suite of bug pest eradication professional services covers the requirements of single-family residences. If you need to know more about our services, try asking your neighbor, chances are, we’ve worked with them before.

Large Residential Property

These include apartment buildings/complexes, condominiums, boarding houses, and more. We know that bug and pest extermination needs are somewhat different in buildings that house a lot of folks compared to smaller sized properties. We change our work to fulfill the requirements of larger residences with very little disruption to folks staying there.


We work with many different varieties of businesses, from office buildings, to dining establishments and eateries, to doctor’s offices. We tailor our insect and pest control solutions to meet the special needs of all sort of companies, follow industry-relevant licensing and guidelines, and ensure the health and safety of everyone from your employees to your patrons.

Industrial Services

We also render pest control solutions for commercial areas. This involves warehouses, plants and also manufacturing facilities, storage and also warehouse, shops, and even refrigeration and cold companies. Industrial locations are understood to attract bugs, and reliable pest control will certainly make certain that you protect your assets.

Special Locations

There are many places that need to have the specific concerns of their patrons taken into account. We’re qualified to assist schools, day cares, health professional’s offices, medical facilities, long-term care centers, as well as various other equivalent venues with practices that will not create further harm.

Our Guarantee to You

If you’re considering using a pest control service but have never done so before, you may be unsure of what to expect. To help put your mind at ease, here are a few promises we make to our clients:

Professionalism and Trustworthiness

We take pride in treating your property with the utmost care and respect, just as we would our own. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we provide reliable and professional services at a fair price. We maintain high standards for every job, no matter the size or scope.

No Long-Term Commitment Required

Unlike some other companies, we don’t pressure our clients into any long-term agreements. If you need ongoing services, we can provide them without any legal contract or obligation. We offer both short- and long-term commitments that you can cancel at any time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With years of experience in the pest control industry, we’re confident in our ability to provide top-quality services. We guarantee your satisfaction with every project we take on.

End-to-End Solution

Our services go beyond a one-time pest removal job. We offer comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that include everything from initial contact to aftercare support. We handle everything in-house, so you can rely on us to be there for you throughout the entire process.

Pre-Service Evaluation

As experts in our field, we’re committed to providing you with the best advice and solutions for your pest control needs. We’ll visit your property, evaluate the issue, and provide a safe, effective solution for eradicating the infestation. There’s no obligation to hire us after the evaluation, but we’re always available if you decide to move forward.


The Pests We Get Rid of In Missouri

In this region, we encounter a wide range of pests that we eliminate. The following list contains some of the most prevalent infestations that we address. As a local pest control specialist, we are knowledgeable about the typical pest issues in the area and have extensive experience dealing with them.

Interestingly, there are over 45,000 types of spiders and hundreds of mouse species. Understanding the pests you are dealing with is crucial for implementing an effective solution.

We are experts in our field and are highly skilled at eradicating pests. We urge you to contact us if you have a pest issue so that we can resolve it swiftly and effectively.

Bed Bugs

bed bugs controlThese can lead to a lot of destruction, especially for the reason that when an invasion starts, it takes great deal of work to have these bugs removed.


termites infestationTermites are tiny, yet they can damage your entire property by penetrating wooden structural supports.


mosquitoes control servicesThey are irritating and transmit health conditions such as Zika Infection and West Nile Infection.


cockroaches pest controlThese pests can spread illness by leaving germs on food, and they are hazardous for people with bronchial asthma or other breathing problems.


ants pest control servicesAnts are okay at barbecues however not so cute when they’re in your residence. Although they’re little, they can result in wood damage, and some breeds can also bite.


spiders controlSome species of spiders are useful because they eat other pests, although they’re not pleasant to look at. But the truth is, some other varieties can be dangerous and can threaten your whole family members.


wasps pest controlWasp stings are tormenting, and they can be deadly to people that have allergy problem. They are understood to be hostile as well.


centipedes pestWhile their poison is not usually in quantities substantial enough to injure humans and most household pets, centipedes are terrifying to catch sight of.

Stink Bugs

stink bugsBesides the unpleasant smell that they make when eliminated, stink bugs eat plant, including vegetables and beans. They are often tough to eradicate with pesticides, so advanced remedy is called for to remove them.


flies control

Flies contaminate all the things they contact.


fleas pest control services

Did you realize that fleas were responsible for the bubonic epidemic? They pose a danger not only to humans, but also to family pets.


gnats pest control

Gnats devour decomposing things but can at the same time pose a danger to living creatures, and houseplants.


ticks pest control

Ticks spread Lyme disorder, a long-term, serious health condition. They can be really risky to pets also.

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