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High Quality Insect And Pest Control In Utica NY

We are dedicated to providing a top-quality, expert service to eliminate any insect pest infestation. Our prices are highly competitive, and we provide a cost-effective and budget-friendly solution that we take pride in.


Get rid of or obstruct the growth of pests such as insects and bugs that are frequently located around residential properties

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Eco-friendly Treatment

Executing a series of pinpoint remedies to protect the entire area while minimizing the risk of chemical risk to human life

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Integrated Pest Management

Halt and safeguard your house from the damage and contamination triggered by harmful bugs and pests using newest IPM approaches

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High Tech Pest Control
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Residential & Commercial Insect Pest Control In Utica NY

At Pest and Wildlife Service, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional pest control services for all types of insects that may be present on your property, whether it’s a residential or commercial space. Our team of experts is experienced and knowledgeable, and we work tirelessly to eliminate any infestation in a safe and controlled manner. We can clear your property of any pests, including termites, bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, wasps, cluster flies, earwigs, moths, and more. It’s essential to address an insect infestation as soon as possible to avoid any potential health hazards and emotional distress. We are your go-to professionals when it comes to pest control in your neighbourhood, providing unparalleled service and exceptional results. While there may be other pest control companies out there, none offer the same level of high-quality service that we do. Choose us to eradicate your infestation problem, and here are just a few reasons why: –

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What Makes Us Different?

Locally Grounded:
All our staff reside and operate within your local vicinity. They are well-versed with the common pests that frequent the area and are equipped with the necessary expertise to deal with them. Our knowledge of the prevalent infestation issues and our ability to act promptly and efficiently in response to them, makes us a reliable solution.

Our team of professionals are regularly trained in the latest techniques and methods to execute pest control. The ideal approach for effective pest control may differ according to the location. Our local understanding and current training ensure that we can provide top-notch service and results for each situation.

As a prominent specialist in the area, we take pride in our impeccable reputation. Our team is composed of highly professional individuals who maintain an amicable and considerate demeanor when attending to your premises. From punctuality to timeliness and cleanliness, we aim to maintain the utmost level of professionalism in every aspect of our business.

Our rates are highly competitive and within an acceptable range. Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional value so that they can receive the best service without having to break the bank.

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Traditional Ethical Values:

Throughout our years in business, we have earned the trust of our valued customers. The cornerstone of our company is founded on ethical values and a commitment to honesty in all of our business dealings.

Eco-Friendly Practices:
We place great importance on environmentally conscious practices when providing our services, recognizing that it is also important to our customers. Therefore, we make a concerted effort to use sustainable and eco-friendly techniques wherever possible. We take every precaution to ensure the safety of children and pets during all of our projects, conducting thorough risk assessments.

Integrated Pest Control:
Integrated pest control technology is employed by most of the leading pest control solutions. This science-based and sustainable method of pest management eliminates and prevents infestations. Integrated pest management involves a range of techniques, including cultural and biological methods. Our strategies include:

Biological: introducing natural predators or competitors to eliminate pest insects
Chemical: applying insecticides only when necessary, in combination with other methods
Cultural: disrupting the environment to inhibit pest survival and procreation
Physical: altering the physical environment to render it inhospitable to pests

By utilizing a combination of these methods, we offer a comprehensive program to manage, control, and eradicate pest insects.

Places We Service

Single-Family Homes

Our comprehensive suite of bug pest removal solutions takes care of the requirements of single-family properties. If you would like to know more about our services, try asking nearby residents, chances are, we’ve serviced them in the past.

Large Residential Property

These include residence buildings/complexes, condos, dormitories, and more. We understand the unique insect and pest control needs of a building that houses many folks, inside and out. We are able to offer these work without any inconvenience to the occupants.


We service many kinds of companies, from office buildings, to eateries and dining establishments, to medical professional’s clinics. We know that the insect and pest control services that each type of organization expects is different, and we can develop a plan that fits your organization. It will further follow all laws and licensing, and you can be certain that your clients and your employees will be safeguarded.

Industrial Services

No job is too vast for us, for e.g., bug pest control management at industrialized places such as storehouses, factories and production facilities, and more. We even have practical experience dealing with food preservation services. Industrialized facilities often tend to lure lots of pests, however we have the solutions on hand to safeguard your enterprise.

Special Places

Many different kinds of businesses provide services to youngsters or the seniors, such as schools, childcare, doctor’s workplaces, as well as long-term care facilities. We are capable to offer our solutions with special consideration for the needs of these patrons.

Our Guarantee to You

If you’re considering using a pest control service for the first time, you may be unsure of what to expect. Here’s what you can anticipate when you choose to hire us:

Professionalism and Trust

We understand how important your home or business is to you. That’s why we treat your property with the same level of care and respect as we would our own. We pride ourselves on our professional and reliable service, arriving on time and delivering quality results at a fair price. Our commitment to high standards ensures that we approach every job with the utmost care and professionalism, no matter the size.

No Long-Term Commitment

Unlike other pest control companies that may pressure you into long-term contracts, we offer flexible options that cater to your specific needs. If you require ongoing service, we can provide it without locking you into a legal agreement. Our long or short-term commitments are designed to suit your schedule, and you can cancel at any time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With years of experience in the pest control industry, we’re confident in our ability to deliver top-quality results. We’re committed to providing the best service possible, which is why we offer a full satisfaction guarantee on every project we undertake.

End-to-End Solution

We don’t just offer a quick fix for your pest problems. Our comprehensive end-to-end solution includes everything from initial contact to post-treatment support. We handle everything in-house and never subcontract work, ensuring that we’re always on hand to address any concerns or questions you may have.

Pre-Service Evaluation

Our expertise in the pest control industry allows us to provide you with the best possible advice and recommendations for your specific situation. During our pre-service evaluation, we’ll visit your property and thoroughly analyze the problem. From there, we’ll provide an effective solution to eliminate the infestation in a fast, effective, and safe manner. You’re under no obligation to hire us at this stage, but we’re always available if you choose to proceed with our services.

The Pests We Get Rid of In Utica NY

In this area, there is no shortage of pests that we have the expertise to eliminate. While the list below covers some of the more typical infestations we encounter, as local pest control specialists, we are well-versed in the pests common to the area and have extensive experience handling them.

Did you realize that spiders alone account for more than 45,000 different species, and that mice have hundreds of different varieties? Having knowledge of the pests you are dealing with is critical to finding a successful solution.

Rest assured, we know our job and excel at it. We urge you to contact us to address your pest problem as soon as possible, so that we can swiftly and effectively tackle the issue.

Bed Bugs

bed bugs controlThese can create a lot of damages, especially for the reason that the moment an invasion breaks out, it takes great deal of work to get these bugs removed.


termites infestationThey harm the wooden structural composition of your property, which can be very unsafe.


mosquitoes control servicesNo longer merely a nuisance, mosquitoes can carry unhealthy and also fatal conditions such as West Nile Virus and the Zika Infection.


cockroaches pest controlThese bugs can spread disease by leaving bacteria on food, and they are unsafe for people with bronchial asthma or other breathing issues.


ants pest control servicesAnts can damage wooden material, carry bacteria and illness, as well as some types inflict injury with their bites. In addition, there’s nothing even more awful than a nest of ants creeping throughout your kitchen area.


spiders controlSome types of spiders are favorable since they eat some other pests, although they’re not lovely in appearance. But, some other types can be lethal and can threaten your whole family members.


wasps pest controlWasp stings are agonizing, and for folks with allergy condition, they can be deadly. What is more upsetting, numerous types of wasps are unfriendly, so you don’t wish them close by.


centipedes pestWhile their poison is not usually in quantities large enough to hurt human beings and most pets, centipedes are frightening to lay eyes on.

Stink Bugs

stink bugsNot simply do they smell horrible, but they devour plants, such as veggies and beans. They require a specialized remedy as they are resistant to insecticides.


flies control

Flies contaminate every single thing they touch.


fleas pest control services

The bubonic disease, triggered by fleas long ago, might not be a risk anymore. Nonetheless, these tiny critters can still seriously hurt individuals and family pets.


gnats pest control

Gnats consume decomposing matter yet can at the same time place a threat to living creatures, including houseplants.


ticks pest control

They are risky to your family pets, and some propagate Lyme’s Ailment, which is a serious illness that is irreversible.

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