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Types of Insect Pest Control Methods

Different types of insect pest control methods are now available to keep creepy bugs and other insects at bay. For a detailed insight into biological, chemical, cultural, and physical insect pest control methods, take a look here…

Modern Insect Pest Control Methods

Considering the damage caused by pests to housing societies, commercial properties including retail stores, offices and warehouses, agriculture, and ecology, it is essential to control their spread for the well-being of humans. Finding a pest infestation in your home, or your backyard is the most irritating feeling ever! Not only these insect pests are creepy and disgusting but they can also cause great damage to your health, home, and furniture.

These health-related risks include; venomous bites, allergic reactions, wounds, and infections. This is when the integrated pest control methods come to the rescue! Modern insect pest control include biological, chemical, cultural, and physical methods. They are used to achieve the following goals:

  • IPrevention
  • ISuppression
  • IEradication

Biological Pest Control

The biological method, as the name suggests, deals with the use of living organisms to control pests. A predator, parasite, or pathogen is introduced into the environment where the pest is already present. This, in turn, suppresses the population of unwanted insects.

This type of pest control method is economical and has a great benefit-to-cost ratio. The best part is that it is non-polluting and keeps the environment safe. The biological pest control method is a natural way to eradicate undesirable insects without damaging the ecosystem. It works best for backyards and gardens.

The method originated initially from China when farmers discovered that ants were capable of eliminating the caterpillars and beetles that were destroying their citrus orchids. These natural enemies work in a balanced way to destroy the pests without disturbing the ecosystem.

The three main types of biological pest control methods include:

1. Importation
2. Augmentation
3. Conservation

Various agents that eradicate the pests by natural means include; bacteria, fungi, parasitic insects, pathogens, and predators. The combined action of these agents proves beneficial in controlling the pests.


Chemical Pest Control

Chemical pest control methods are widely used for eradicating the infestation of insects, bugs, and other harmful flies, lice, and mites. When combined with other more eco-friendly treatments, they can generate effective results.

The method involves the use of a substance that is toxic (poisonous) to the pest involved. However, these toxic substances are often used with other more eco-friendly or “protection” products so that the plants don’t get harmed during the process. The use of chemical pest control methods has been widely recommended to eliminate harmful insects and weeds for industrial warehouses, factories, retail stores, and medical centers.

The procedure dates back to 1200 BC when Chinese farmers used lime and wood ash to destroy parasites that were harming the crops. However, the chemical pest control method is not just limited to wood ash. From the 16th century to the present day, several chemicals are being used to destroy unfavorable insects and parasites. These include; sulfur and bitumen, true chemical pesticides, and nematicides. Sulfur gives great results in insect eradication and is highly recommended if you want to get rid of harmful insects ASAP.

The use of chemical pest control methods is widespread mainly due to its immediate effective action, affordable cost, and the ease with which they can be applied. When selected properly, they prove to be highly effective in eliminating pests.

Insecticides are chemicals that are used specifically for insect extermination. Their use is widespread in backyards, gardens, and homes because of fast-acting effective results. Not only do they kill the insects but also help in the successful elimination of ovicides, larvicides, eggs, and larvae. They are categorized according to their repellent properties as:

1. Repellent insecticides
2. Non-repellent insecticides

Cultural Pest Control

Cultural control is the oldest method that is being used to manage insect populations by sustaining their communities. It includes a broad range of normal pest control practices. Cultural control methods are most effective when used in conjunction with other pest control methods (biological, mechanical, and chemical).

The method refers to a wide range of cultural practices that reduce or eliminate pest populations by manipulating the crop production systems. It ranges from adjusting the planting dates to avoid pest infestation, tillage, monitoring the timing of planting, covering the crops, and choosing the right fertilizers.

Common cultural pest control methods that are effective for commercial properties include; Insecticidal soaps, use of neem oil, insecticidal oils, microbial insecticides, and Diatomaceous Earth.

Neem oil

If you are looking for a perfect cultural pest control method for your home to get rid of Japanese beetles, moth larvae, and spider mites, then Neem Oil is the ideal choice for you!

Neem Oil is a broad-spectrum insecticide that acts as a repellent and deterrent. It is proven to be effective against 200 species of unwanted insects. Yes, you heard that right! If left unchecked, these small insects can cause a lot of damage to your homes and backyards. You can even use Neem Oil extract for your houseplants to avoid foliage burning and pests in indirect lightning or the evening.

Insecticidal oils for commercial properties and residential areas

Using insecticidal oils for controlling the pests in commercial and residential areas is highly recommended due to their high efficiency and less toxic nature.

These oils pose less threat to human and environmental health and at the same time effectively eradicate all the unwanted insects, bugs, spider mites, and other common soft-bodied pests. Insecticidal oils and soaps are quite affordable and also readily available. They are highly recommended for home uses, residential areas, and commercial properties including retail stores, shopping centers, shops, and nursing homes.

Reducing dust and washing the plat foliage regularly helps in the eradication of spider mites from greenhouses, yards, gardens, and sometimes washrooms. This is another common example of a cultural pest control method. Reflective mulches are used to reduce the Whitefly populations. The method is often carried out by using aluminum foil or plastic sprayed with silver paint.


Physical Pest Control

Physical pest control methods are commonly referred to as the use of hands or mechanical practices to attack and destroy the pest. This includes grazing, mowing, setting up barriers, or simple removal with hand.

The use of insect suction devices, insect glue, and electromagnetic energy affects insect viability or behavior by suppressing the populations. The practices are used commonly for the crops but can be used for home purposes too. It involves the use of mosquito repellent sprays to protect yourself from dangerous mosquitoes that are known to cause Malaria and Dengue. The physical pest control methods are eco-friendly and help in maximizing agricultural efficiency by eradicating unwanted insects and bugs. The practices are used commonly for the crops but can be used for home purposes too.

Setting up traps like fly boards or sticky papers are used to capture insects. The method works by covering the paper or the board with a sticky substance that attracts the insects but is very poisonous. These are used widely for capturing flies or leafhoppers. Trap strips are also available in the market for dealing with white stem steam fly.

Another very common physical pest control method is “pest-proofing”. It keeps unwanted insects and rodents away from your house or garden by creating a barrier to entry. It can also include destroying their nests, taking away pet’s breeding ground, and stopping the current infestations from getting worse.

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What are the advantages of using these insect pest control approaches?

Alleviate health risks

Insects spread disease by biting or stinging. Using effective pest control methods helps to get rid of dangerous insects and therefore, alleviates health risks.

Keeps the environment clean

Seeing pest infestation in-home or garden can be very irritating, right?

The abnormal growth of insects and pests destroys the ecosystem. To control their population and to keep the environment neat and clean, integrated pest control methods are used widely.

Reduces allergies and itching

Cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, fleas, spiders, mosquitoes, and dust mites are common household pests that cause asthma and allergies. Children are more prone to such allergies. However, by using pest control methods you can eliminate unfavorable stinging insects and reduces the chances of allergies and itching.

Protect yourself and your family from allergies and dangerous insects by opting for the best insect control methods.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Pests are harmful not only for health but also damage your gardens, homes, washrooms, and backyards. The above-listed methods: biological, chemical, cultural, and physical are the most common practices to eradicate unwanted insects from homes, gardens, crops, and backyards, etc. These different methods and practices can be combined into an IPM approach for an effective and environmentally sensitive pest removal.

It is important to know what method suits your situation perfectly. If you are not sure where to start, we are here to help. We offer complete specialized pest control services with integrated pest management techniques. Call us and let us handle your pest concerns professionally.

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