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Why DIY Wildlife Removal Is A Bad Idea?

Handling wildlife on your own can be very risky. Therefore, wildlife control is best left to the experts. Professional wildlife removal experts are trained to safely remove animals from your premises and release them in a habitat where they can’t re-infest…

Why Handling Wildlife Yourself Is Risky?

Any direct contact with an infected animal (dead or alive) through broken skin, eyes, nose or mouth can result in rabies transmission- that’s according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Rabies is commonly found in animals like bats, raccoons, foxes and skunks. It is a deadly disease that attacks our central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), and it’s almost always fatal once symptoms appear.

Perhaps you’ve heard tiny feet pitter-pattering in your attic? Or discovered a local animal in your landscape. That’s not uncommon. When the weather gets unfavorable, wild animals like raccoons, snakes, and skunks are excited to seek shelter and warmth in your home or yard.

Why DIY Wildlife Removal Is Not Effective and Might Cause More Harm

It’s quite common for homeowners to resort to DIY wildlife control methods when wildlife infest their property. However, experts advise that this is not a good idea as it often results in more harm.

Attempting wildlife removal and prevention on your own is not only ineffective but also the surest way of posing you, your pets, and your loved ones to serious risks. Note that wild animals are more than just a nuisance pest; most of them can and will seriously destroy the structural integrity of your property.

But there is a whole variety of wild animals that can invade your home, from rodents, groundhogs, moles, geese, deer, voles, squirrels and more. The type of damages and risks caused by wildlife depends on the specific creature that has invaded your property. Let’s have a quick look at the kind of risks posed by some of these invaders:

Rodents: Rodents include pests such as rats and mice. Dead and live rodents are known to spread more than 30 different types of diseases directly to humans through contact with urine, droppings, saliva, and bites. Rodents also constantly gnaw on surfaces, causing severe structural damages on furniture, walls, appliances, electrical wiring and more.

Snakes: Snakes are not associated with structural damages. They also don’t cause many problems. But the few problems they cause can be seriously severe. While ‘harmless’ snakes cause infections and allergic reactions in some victims, venomous species can cause deadly snake bites.

Squirrels: Squirrels seriously damage property, putting you and your loved ones at risk. These pesky animals can squeeze even through the tiniest of holes and continue chewing at it to make it sizeable. Squirrels are in constant search of vulnerable places to burrow, leaving unsightly gaps and overwhelming losses.

Raccoons: Besides spreading rabies, raccoons are potential carriers of other harmful diseases like raccoon roundworm, an intestinal parasite spread to humans through contaminated food and water. They also cause structural damage and can quickly rip your drywall apart and destroy the HVAC system and pipe insulation.

Trying wildlife removal on your own is a dangerous attempt. Say the animal is still alive; the high chances are that it will attack you in self-defense or scurry further into your property, making it hard to find or remove it. Naturally, animals become very aggressive when they feel endangered or cornered.

In the case the wildlife is dead, it can easily spread viruses on direct contact. As the animal decomposes, it also releases bacteria that expose humans to health risks. The only safe way to get rid of invasive animals in your home is by seeking help from wildlife removal services near me.

Why Professional Wildlife Removal Solutions Are More Effective Than DIY Solutions

No property owner wants to host an uninvited wildlife guest in their home or business! Wildlife invasions have become a common issue both in rural and urban areas. While destructive animals continuously invade homes, businesses, and industrial areas, getting rid of them requires professional knowledge and skills.

In fact, there is no single technique that can effectively remove wildlife from your property. Wildlife animal control experts often have to combine several methods to remove animals, return them to their natural habitat and ensure they don’t re-infest your home in the future.

Over time, some wildlife species have become less fearful of humans and are taking courageous strides towards defending themselves when cornered. They are especially aggressive when they invade populated areas in search of shelter and food.

The problem is, most homeowners are untrained, and trying to remove even the smallest animal without the appropriate knowledge and skills provides ineffective results, often worsening the situation. With DIY wildlife removal, you can easily injure yourself when trying to reach a high space or cause damages to your home when attempting DIY wildlife removal methods.

Comparably, experts are trained to efficiently handle the animals with care and compassion. Note that these nuisance animals are just trying to survive in an unfamiliar environment and should not be handled in an inhumane manner. Before taking any action, the critter control experts consider your safety and the wellbeing of the wildlife.

They are licensed to ensure that the critter removal process is humane and your family and pets are not exposed to any risks. In case of an invasion, you should call wildlife control services near me to help.

The experts are knowledgeable and experienced. They will begin with a thorough inspection of your entire property to discover all animal activity areas and hideouts. They will then remove the animals, rehabilitate them, and if the animals are injured, they’ll get medical aid.

Unlike DIY wildlife removal, whose ‘success’ is only short-lived, experts ensure zero chances of future re-infestations. Additionally, DIY wildlife removal can get you into trouble with wildlife protection, as you’ll read more about it below.

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Safety Precautions to Take if Wildlife Animal is Spotted in The House

Because it’s not unheard of to wake up with racoons, snakes, voles and birds in your home, it’s crucial that you know what to do in such an event.

Below are safety precautions to take if wildlife is trapped in your house:

Stay Calm, Don’t Panic

Often, wild animals invade your home in search of food and a safe place to stay. In fact, most of these invaders are not interested in attacking or biting you. The truth is, they are more frightened of you than you are of them. So if you discover one in your garage or basement, ignore the urge to scream or throw your flashlight at it.

Keep Your Distance

As noted earlier, it’s only natural for animals to get aggressive in self-defense, especially when they sense danger. Therefore, you don’t want to act in a way that may provoke the uninvited guest­­­­­­. Instead, stay calm and slowly move away.

Contact Wildlife Removal Services Near You

Remember that most wildlife animals are disease carriers. So unless you’re trained/experienced in critter removal, you want to consider professional animal trapping services.

Some people will advise you to trick the animal outside; sure, the unwanted guest may leave, but you want to be sure the animal doesn’t scurry into another hideout within your home, and there are no babies or other invaders present.

Wildlife animal control experts are experienced in safely capturing the creatures and removing them from your home in a humane manner to ensure your safety and wildlife wellbeing.

Why DIY Wildlife Removal Can Get You Into Trouble With Wildlife Protection Act and Laws

While these invasive animals will attack in self-defense, you’re strongly advised against DIY wildlife removal. That’s because there are specific laws protecting most of these nuisance invaders, and they prohibit trapping, removal, and killing of wildlife.

Besides being ineffective, DIY wildlife removal will most likely lead to serious criminal charges, massive fines and sometimes jail time. Note that disturbing an animals habitat is also punishable by law. And you’ll need to prove that the animal is posing threats to your health/safety.

Wildlife control professionals are licensed and given special permits to trap and remove wildlife from your home. They are passionate about helping animals while ensuring yours, your loved ones and pets safety.

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How Do Professional Wildlife Removal Experts minimize The Risk?

Our professional wildlife control experts have been in the field for many years. They know exactly what to do to safely remove all invasive wildlife from squirrels, snakes, rodents, geese, skunks, moles, groundhogs, deer, and more!

They begin the services with a thorough inspection of your entire property to determine how and why wildlife is getting into your home. The next step is to customize a wildlife removal plan specific for your property and the invading animal.

Once they have safely removed the animal/animals and ensured no wildlife is trapped inside, the experts will then seal all possible animal entry points. Our wildlife removal and exclusion services effectively reduce the risks of another invasion by installing animal-proof chimney caps, gnaw-proof netting and exclusion doors to render your home unattractive to wildlife.

Don’t let the demanding task of trapping, removing and preventing wildlife keep you from your busy schedule; leave the task to the experts. Contact us today for a thorough inspection and wildlife control services that remove all invading animals in the most humane and effective way while preventing them from coming back.

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