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Wildlife Removal Services In North Dakota

Taking care of wildlife removal from your property is no easy feat, and it can even be risky at times. It’s essential to have the right tools and personal protective equipment (PPE) to guarantee a safe and successful removal.

The good news is, we’re here to assist you in dealing with this problem. Just get in touch with us, describe your situation, and our team of skilled professionals will arrive at your property to remove the animals quickly, safely, and effectively.

Don’t hesitate to call us today to book an appointment for the removal of the specific animal/s that require your attention.

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Wildlife Control
Whether it is rat, bird or a larger pest like a raccoon, our wildlife control can bring an end to the intrusion
disinfestation of wildlife in homes and residences
Elimination of tiny undesirable wild animal types, especially rodents, birds or vermins that spread diseases or destroy properties or crops
eradicate mass species of rodents
Remove mass species of rodents, mostly of the families Muridae (rats and mice) that are sources or carriers of communicable ailments
Wildlife Services Near You
Humane Wildlife Control
Affordable Costs
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Reliable Wildlife Critter Trapping Service

Sometimes, it’s hard to detect the presence of wild animals that may have invaded your property. You may only become aware of their presence through signs like droppings or sounds coming from your attic. If you spot any of these indicators, it’s essential to contact us right away. We can provide you with initial steps to take and will come to your property promptly to identify and remove any intruders. Our services are fast, reliable, and tailored to your specific requirements. We strive to be wildlife-friendly whenever possible and focus on finding a humane solution to remove animals from your property. It’s crucial to remove wildlife intruders as soon as possible, as they can carry dangerous diseases like salmonella and E. coli, which can be fatal to humans. They can also introduce other parasites into your property, which can cause a range of health problems. If you suspect any wildlife intruders on your property, reach out to us immediately, and we’ll resolve the issue swiftly and efficiently.

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If you are wondering what the average cost of professional wildlife removal services might be, this is the right place...

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Don’t know the best way to keep wildlife animals from your property? Here are some prevention tips to stop them...

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It’s common for homeowners to use DIY methods when wildlife infest their property. But do you know why that is a bad idea?
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Why choose humane wildlife removal? What does wildlife removal services do with the animals once captured?


Protect Yourself And Your Family From A Wildlife Intrusion

When an unexpected wild animal takes up residence on your property, it can bring various risks to it. To prevent any harm to yourself or the animal, it is important to contact professionals like us immediately. Trying to remove the animal on your own can be dangerous and have unforeseen consequences.

By entrusting us with the task, you can expect:

  • Preservation of your physical health and safety
  • Protection for you and your property
  • Utilization of humane techniques
  • Compliance with local laws
  • Efficient time and effort-saving
  • Prevention of future animal infestations

Although some animals may appear harmless, like squirrels, opossums, and raccoons, they can still pose a threat to your wellbeing and transmit diseases. Others, like snakes, are obvious dangers that require professional attention. We have the proper equipment and expertise to perform the job safely and ethically.

Don’t risk your own safety or harm to the animal. Reach out to us for prompt and professional assistance.

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Remove Wildlife From Your Property To Prevent Damage

When wildlife enters your property, it can cause damage to the physical structure and infrastructure of your home or business. In addition to the damage caused, the animals may carry diseases that pose a potential health risk. Parasite infestations are also a common problem that can arise with a wildlife intrusion, and these parasites can carry diseases such as Lyme disease, salmonella, E. coli and other harmful bacteria. While some people may attempt to remove the animals themselves to save money, this often proves to be ineffective as amateur extraction does not address the root cause of the problem. Our team of professionals has the expertise and tools necessary to effectively remove the animals and prevent them from returning. We use humane extraction methods to minimize disruption and quickly address the problem.

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Protect Your Lawn And Flower Garden

Groundhogs, moles, and voles are notorious for causing damage to lawns through their burrowing habits, making them a significant nuisance for gardeners. Once these animals take up residence on your property, it can be challenging to remove them without the proper tools and expertise. Fortunately, we have a proven track record of effectively removing these critters from your property. It’s not just burrowing animals that can cause problems for your garden; geese and deer are also known to wreak havoc on outdoor spaces. Many homeowners assume that there’s not much they can do to prevent wildlife from entering their gardens, but we know better. We can take effective action to prevent further damage from these unwelcome visitors. If you’re dealing with wildlife intrusions in your garden, don’t hesitate to give us a call so that we can address the situation promptly.

When It Comes To Wildlife Control, Don’t Take Chances

There are many details to animal control in which non-professionals might not realize. Certain approaches work well for some wildlife, while some others need extra caution because they might be under lawful protection. Instead of struggling to understand all local guidelines, contact our trained pest trapping professionals that are well-versed with local animal control legislations.

What Wildlife Are You Able To Remove

At our company, we offer professional wildlife removal services that can handle any type of animal intrusion on your property. Our team of qualified Critter removal technicians are experts in the field, and they can effectively remove a wide range of common intruders, including Groundhogs, Rats, Moles, Birds, Raccoons, Opossums, Skunks, Snakes, Squirrels, Voles, Geese, and Deer.

We take pride in our courteous and polite professionals who excel in their work. We ensure to provide you with a safe and efficient wildlife removal service that guarantees a successful extraction. Our team is highly responsive to callouts, and we handle the extraction humanely. Additionally, we take preventive measures to ensure that the animals do not return to your property. Choose our wildlife removal service for a reliable solution to your animal intrusion problem.

Trapped Opossum in Virginia

Why Choose Our North Dakota Based Wildlife Removal Service

At our company, we specialize in wildlife removal services and have the necessary knowledge, expertise, and equipment to effectively extract wild animals from your home and property. We handle a broad range of critters using humane methods.


Honest Evaluations Of Your Needs


Budget Friendly Services


Proficient Personnel


Prompt, Convenient Removal


Strong Safety and Protection Standards


Deterrence Solutions to Prevent Potential Future Occurrences

We take pride in delivering a comprehensive service that involves understanding the unique characteristics of each infestation and determining the best approach to extract the critters effectively. Our team follows strict safety protocols during every extraction, regardless of the type of animal involved, with a focus on ensuring the well-being of our clients and staff while removing the animal humanely.

After we have successfully removed the wildlife, our professionals will assess how the critter entered the property and provide advice on measures to take to prevent the animal from returning. We can also offer temporary or permanent solutions to prevent a recurrence if desired.

Our solutions are reasonably priced, and we strive to complete the extraction quickly with minimal disruption to your daily routine.


How Do I Know If I Have Wildlife In My Property?

Every animal that takes shelter in a property leaves some clues that can help detect their presence. Here are some common signs to watch out for, which can assist in identifying whether you have any intruders in your home:

Scuttling sounds coming from the basement


Excrement (looking like little pellet-like brown feces)


Clawing or squealing in the walls or top floor


Odorous smudges on ceilings or floor coverings


Mysterious commotions in your house during the night


Markings from teeth and chewing on a range of elements

When inspecting your garden, you may come across signs of groundhogs, moles, skunks, or other creatures that have established a home there. To determine the wildlife that may be occupying your garden, you should keep an eye out for the following details:
groundhogs wildlife removal services


In the event that you spot deep holes surrounded by heaps of soil, tracks, or teeth imprints on trees in your yard, you could be dealing with a groundhog invasion. They carry diseases, such as rabies, so it’s vital to allow professional wildlife control services to handle them.

moles wildlife removal services


Just like groundhogs, moles dig holes. You might notice elevated mounds of soil or elevated ridges that crisscross the yard. Some areas of the grass could furthermore feel loose. Moles can strike when they feel intimidated but they like to spend most of their time below ground. Same as groundhogs, they can spread disease by means of urine and poop.

hooded skunk wildlife removal services


While skunks do not usually infest homes, they can be serious troubles in your backyard, specifically if they end up spraying your family pets or perhaps kids! They can also leave behind relatively huge holes in your garden that are also potentially damaging and can wreck your turf.

opossums wildlife removal services


Opossums like looking for food in stinky trash cans as well as uncovered compost heaps. They likewise tend to favor residing around soaked, damp places, such as fish ponds and water drainage channels. Even though not very hostile (they would pretend to be dead rather than turning hostile when in danger), they can carry contagions and trigger a large mess when they rip apart your rubbish.

wild raccoons wildlife removal services


You’ll usually discover raccoons in your attic first as that is just how they enter houses. They might chew on insulation, timber, walls, and electric wiring. You usually hear raccoons prior to spotting them as they have a tendency to be rather noisy. Raccoons may be aggressive to humans and also household pets, specifically if they feel vulnerable. Hostility from raccoons can be severe because of their pointy teeth and claws. They can furthermore come with rabies.

voles wildlife removal services


Very similar to moles, voles are much smaller, and that means they can be harder to detect. Nonetheless, they also leave dirt paths throughout your yard, wrecking it. They also spread illness, specifically via their excrements and urine.

snakes wildlife removal services


Different kinds of snakes behave uniquely. Several reside below ground, and it is definitely a cause for concern if you start spotting small holes in the ground or shed snakeskins. Many others conceal in hidden places of your garden, such as tall grass. Most serpents are generally harmless. Nonetheless, some venomous snakes are fatal if you do not get medical attention within half an hour.

squirrels wildlife removal services


Squirrels occasionally like to enter houses and also take cover in small spaces such as wall cavities. They are not dangerous and will normally just attack if they perceive you as a threat. Although they are unlikely to hurt you, they can trigger significant property damage by nibbling on cables and messing up your house with excrement and pee.

rodents eradication


Rats in your home usually keep clear from human beings as much as possible, in areas like basement or behind wall spaces. They still leave traces of their existence, which include excrement near food items or nibble marks. Rodents, particularly rats and mice, carry all sort of contagions, and may likely bite you or your household pets if cornered.

birds control


While a large number of birds favor the free wilderness, some like to sneak right into cozy warm residences to set up their nests when they discover an opening in your roof. The most apparent indication of a bird in your residence is noisy tweeting in the morning. Birds are mainly gentle, but at times they could transmit infections.

wild geese control


These noisy birds are most likely to infest your property if you have a pond on or near your property. Their grazing can destroy your lawn or garden landscape. Geese can likewise be risky for people as well as family pets as a result of their defensive behavior, particularly when they are nesting.

wild deers removal


You might expect that deer are tough to miss, however they are most prominent after dark as well as in the morning, when humans aren’t around. They feed on plants from your yard and in turn wreck your lawn. Deer are usually careful near humans but sometimes can get hostile. They are more likely to be aggressive to pet dogs and small children compared to adults.

This Is What You Have to Do If You Need Wildlife Control Services

If you reside in the North Dakota location, our experts can likely get on your door step pretty swiftly, so give us a ring. Don’t gamble with your wellbeing or your property, perhaps costing you much more money down the line. We will get rid of the issue in no time making use of secure, humane practices.

Contact us today to book wildlife trappings in North Dakota!

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