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Wildlife Removal Services In Las Cruces, NM

When it comes to removing wildlife from your property, it’s crucial to recognize the potential challenges and risks involved. The proper equipment and personal protection gear (PPE) are essential for ensuring a safe and efficient removal process.

Rest assured, our team is dedicated to assisting you in resolving this issue. All you need to do is get in touch with us, explain the problem you’re facing, and our team of experts will promptly arrive at your property to eliminate the animals in a manner that prioritizes speed, safety, and effectiveness.

Don’t hesitate to call us today and schedule an appointment to address the removal of the specific animal(s) that require attention. We are committed to providing you with a tailored solution that effectively resolves your concerns while ensuring a positive outcome.

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Wildlife Control
Whether it is rodent, bird or a larger pest like a raccoon, our critter control can put a stop to the intrusion
disinfestation of wildlife in homes and residences
Elimination of tiny undesirable wild animal types, particularly rats, birds or vermins that transmit illness or damage properties or crops
eradicate mass species of rodents
Eliminate mass species of rodents, mainly of the families Muridae (rats and mice) that are sources or vectors of contagious ailments
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Humane Wildlife Control
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Reliable Wildlife Critter Trapping Service

The presence of elusive wild animals on your premises may often escape your notice. Initial indications of their infiltration could manifest in the form of excrement or the faint sounds emanating from your attic, among other possibilities.

Upon encountering the first signs of these intruders, it is crucial to promptly reach out to our team. We are readily available to offer guidance on initial precautionary measures and will swiftly dispatch our experts to identify the issue and effectively eliminate the troublesome critters from your property.

Our unwavering commitment lies in providing a rapid and dependable service that is meticulously tailored to meet your specific requirements.

In our endeavors, we prioritize wildlife-friendly practices wherever feasible, ensuring that our approach to removing the animals from your property remains rooted in compassion and ethical considerations.

The expeditious removal of wildlife intruders from your premises is of paramount importance. These wild animals, upon invading your property, can carry dangerous diseases such as salmonella and E. coli, which pose severe health risks to humans. Additionally, they can introduce other parasites into your surroundings, potentially leading to a range of health ailments and complications.

Rest assured, by reaching out to us as soon as you become aware of wildlife intrusions within your property, we will promptly address the issue on your behalf. Our dedicated team is fully equipped to swiftly tackle the situation and rid your property of these unwelcome visitors, allowing you to regain peace of mind.

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Don’t know the best way to keep wildlife animals from your property? Here are some prevention tips to stop them...

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It’s common for homeowners to use DIY methods when wildlife infest their property. But do you know why that is a bad idea?
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Why choose humane wildlife removal? What does wildlife removal services do with the animals once captured?


Protect Yourself And Your Family From A Wildlife Intrusion

When your property becomes a temporary residence for a wild animal, it introduces various risks that must be addressed promptly. It is crucial that you take immediate action and reach out to us for assistance. Trying to handle the situation on your own can lead to potential complications that are best avoided.

By enlisting our professional services, you can expect the following benefits:

  • We prioritize the safeguarding of your physical health and safety.
  • We ensure your protection throughout the process.
  • Our approach is rooted in humane practices and methods.
  • We strictly adhere to local legislation and regulations.
  • By entrusting the task to us, you save valuable time and effort.
  • We effectively put an end to potential future infestations.

While it is evident that obvious dangers like snakes, with their potentially lethal bites, should be dealt with professionally, it’s important to recognize that seemingly harmless animals such as squirrels, opossums, and raccoons can also pose risks. These creatures have the capacity to cause physical harm to both you and your property, and they may carry diseases.

As professionals in the field, we possess the appropriate humane traps and personal protective equipment necessary to carry out the job effectively and safely. Attempting to remove the animals yourself not only puts you at risk, but it may also result in the inhumane treatment of the animals involved.

There is no need to subject yourself to unnecessary risks. Simply pick up the phone and contact us for a prompt response and resolution.

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Remove Wildlife From Your Property To Prevent Damage

Apart from the risk of disease transmission, the intrusion of wildlife onto your premises can inflict considerable harm on the structure and foundation of your home or business. Neglecting to address this issue promptly can result in escalating damages that are both costly to repair and time-consuming to resolve.

When wildlife gains access to your property, they can wreak havoc on walls, furniture, as well as electrical and data cables, while also introducing potentially lethal diseases.

Furthermore, a secondary concern arising from wildlife intrusion is the infestation of parasites. These parasites, such as fleas or ticks, can be irritating, but more significantly, they pose a serious threat by carrying diseases like Lyme disease, salmonella, E. coli, and other harmful bacteria.

We frequently encounter individuals who attempt DIY animal removal. While this approach may save some money initially, it often proves ineffective since amateur extraction typically fails to address the underlying cause of the animal’s entry into your property.

Rest assured, our team of experienced professionals possesses the necessary expertise and tools to execute the task with efficiency, effectively preventing the return of these critters. We employ a humane extraction procedure that swiftly resolves the problem while causing minimal disruption to your daily life.

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Protect Your Lawn And Flower Garden

The presence of groundhogs, moles, and voles in your garden can lead to significant damage to your lawn as a result of their burrowing activities.

Once these creatures infiltrate your property, getting rid of them can prove to be a challenging task. However, our track record demonstrates our ability to effectively eliminate these animals.

It’s important to note that burrowing animals aren’t the sole concern for your outdoor space. Geese and deer can also pose problems and wreak havoc on your garden.

Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to overlook the importance of safeguarding their gardens. It is commonly believed that there are limited options available to prevent animals from entering the garden. Contrary to this perception, we possess the expertise and resources to take proactive and successful measures.

If you discover wildlife encroaching upon or beneath your garden, we strongly advise you to contact us immediately. By doing so, we can promptly address the situation and prevent further damage caused by these new wildlife residents that have taken up residence in your garden.

Remove the Guess Work When It Comes To Critters Control

Did you realize that there are legislations controling exactly how you can handle the elimination of particular types of animals? In addition to not using the right methods and fretting about that when you DIY critter trapping, you are also required to be certain to follow guidelines and laws. Take the uncertainty out by working with wildlife extraction services who make sure conformity with all appropriate legislations or state regulations.

What Wildlife Are You Able To Remove

Discover the exceptional wildlife removal services we offer, providing comprehensive solutions to eliminate any and all wildlife from your property. Our team comprises highly skilled and certified Critter removal technicians who possess extensive expertise in their field. Count on us to effectively remove a wide range of common intruders, including groundhogs, rats, moles, birds, raccoons, opossums, skunks, snakes, squirrels, voles, geese, and deer.

When it comes to wildlife removal, we are unparalleled in the industry, known for our exceptional track record of success. Our professionals not only excel in their technical abilities but also prioritize delivering courteous, polite, and highly efficient service. Rest assured that your property will be in capable hands as our experts perform their job with utmost skill and professionalism.

We are dedicated to providing an effective and safe wildlife removal service that exceeds your expectations. Our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering, and we respond promptly to all callouts, recognizing the urgency of addressing wildlife issues. Our humane approach to extraction ensures that the process is conducted with compassion, and we take proactive measures to prevent the animals from returning to your property.

Choose our services and experience the difference of our exceptional wildlife removal expertise. With our swift response times, effective techniques, and humane practices, we guarantee a successful and stress-free wildlife removal experience. Trust us to restore the harmony and peace of mind you deserve on your property, free from any unwanted wildlife intrusions.

Trapped Opossum in Virginia

Why Choose Our Las Cruces, NM Based Wildlife Removal Service

As a premier wildlife removal company, our expertise sets us apart in the industry. We possess a deep understanding of wildlife behavior, along with the necessary tools and equipment to safely and efficiently extract wild animals from your residence and property. Our approach to critter removal is both effective and humane, ensuring the well-being of both humans and animals. We take immense pride in delivering a comprehensive service that encompasses meticulous attention to detail, including: –


Honest Evaluations Of Your Needs


Budget Friendly


Highly Experienced Team


Fast Services That Are As Unobtrusive As Possible


High Safety Practices


Prevent Future Infestations

We recognize the unique nature of each infestation and approach every case by thoroughly investigating how the creature gains access to your property and determining the most effective method to extract it.

Our commitment to safety is unwavering, and we adhere to stringent protocols for every extraction, regardless of the type of animal involved. Our utmost priority is the well-being of both you and our professional staff. Our primary focus is on extracting the critter in a humane and effective manner.

Following the removal of the wildlife, our expert attending your property will conduct a thorough assessment of the entry points used by the critter. This assessment enables us to provide you with personalized recommendations to prevent the animal from returning. If desired, we are also able to implement either temporary or permanent solutions to deter future return.

We take pride in offering reasonably priced solutions, ensuring accessibility for our customers. Moreover, we prioritize efficiency in carrying out the extraction process to minimize any disruption to your daily life.


How Do I Know If I Have Wildlife In My Property?

Every unique creature leaves behind distinct evidence that signifies its presence. Here are a few common observations to remain vigilant about when determining whether there is an intruder on your property: –

Scurrying sounds emerging from the understructure


Droppings (looking like small pellet-like brown feces)


Critter sounds, like squeaks, coming from the top floor, narrow openings, or wall structures


Stenchy marks on ceilings or floor coverings


Mysterious noises in your residence during the night


Imprints from the teeths and chewing on a variety of items

Embark on a wondrous exploration within the realm of your garden, where nature’s symphony orchestrates a captivating melody. Amidst the verdant landscape, unveil the telltale traces left by groundhogs, moles, skunks, and a myriad of other enchanting creatures that have claimed their abode in this idyllic sanctuary. With heightened senses, immerse yourself in the intricacies of this thriving ecosystem, attuned to the subtle hints and subtle clues that unveil the presence of these cherished inhabitants. Be vigilant and observant as you navigate through the enchanting tapestry of your garden, for it is in the intricate details presented below that the secrets of your garden’s wildlife are unveiled. Let the fascinating narratives of nature unfold before your eyes as you embark on a quest of discovery, unravelling the hidden chapters within the living fabric of your cherished garden.
groundhogs wildlife removal services


If ever you spot deep holes marked by mounds of dirt, tracks, or teeth imprints on trees in your yard, you might be experiencing a groundhog intrusion. Groundhogs can look amiable and keep to themselves, but they may turn aggressive when threatened. They also have the potentiality to spread rabies.

moles wildlife removal services


Just like groundhogs, moles dig holes. You are likely to observe elevated piles of soil or elevated ridges that crisscross the yard. Some sections of the green may also seem loosened. Moles can strike when they are frightened however they tend to spend most of their time below ground. Worse, they leave behind excrement that may have dangerous diseases too.

hooded skunk wildlife removal services


Skunks usually don’t get in houses, still, can inhabit in overgrown scrub or below outdoor deck. They might leave behind wastes and burrows in the yard from feeding. The burrows might be a couple of inches in diameter and cone-shaped. Skunks generally only attack people when defending their young or being cornered. Their first line of protection is their spray.

opossums wildlife removal services


If you store your rubbish outdoors or have a compost pile, you are at bigger risk of an opossum infestation. This can turn out an even bigger likelihood if you are actually near water drainage ditches. While not extremely hostile (they would play to be dead as opposed to attack when in danger), they can come with contagions and also cause a big mess when they rip away your garbage.

wild raccoons wildlife removal services


Raccoons are infamous for being unwanted houseguests, and they use smart ways to get through little openings to settle in attics notably. Just like with rodents, you’ll notice nibble marks on walls as well as cabling. Listen for loud chattering noises and squeals, on top of the physical evidence. Raccoons might be hostile to people and also pets, especially if they really feel threatened. Aggression from raccoons could be serious because of their pointy teeth and talons. They can similarly spread rabies.

voles wildlife removal services


Voles are smaller in size than moles and also create smaller burrow entryways. You might likewise see runways on your yard. The trails are narrow tracks around 1 to two inches wide. Voles are not a physical risk to humans and pets. Nonetheless, they can spread disease via their pee and feces.

snakes wildlife removal services


Many species of serpent burrow below ground. You may possibly find gaps in the ground or shed snake skins. They could also conceal in yard rubble including tall grass. Poisonous snakes can absolutely cause a critical danger to your health. Depending on the species of snake, poisonous serpent bites call for treatment within half an hour to prevent long-lasting consequences or fatality.

squirrels wildlife removal services


Similar to raccoons, squirrels may trespass into your house. When eliminating squirrels from a home, they are commonly located in the wall gaps or between the floor and ceiling. They may leave wastes, nibble on things, and leave a foul stink from urine spots. Squirrels can attack people. Nevertheless, hostility are unusual. Squirrels are more likely to escape when handled but have sharp teeth and claws that can cause injuries when dealt with.

rodents eradication


Rats on your property will leave behind wastes near the areas where they nest, which is usually in dark, inaccessible spots, like the house understructure or inside wall structures. You might also spot excrement around food packages and marks of nibbling on food items, walls, or floor coverings. Many rodents and mice usually avoid attacking human beings unless when they are frightened. And even when intimidated, rodents and mice are more likely to try to rush or leap past people. Nevertheless, they can also carry illnesses.

birds control


While most birds go for the free outdoors, some like to slip right into comfy warm residences to make their nests when they find an opening in your rooftop. You’ll most likely hear your birds prior to sighting them, so do an examination if you pick up excessive tweeting every morning. Birds are mostly harmless, but at times they could transmit diseases.

wild geese control


These rackety birds are likely to swarm your property if you have a pond on or near your property. They leave unsafe feces and can likewise forage your grass and eat your plants. Geese can additionally be dangerous for human beings and also pets as a result of their territorial behavior, especially when they are nesting.

wild deers removal


You are unlikely to miss out on deer feeding or intruding your lawn. Other than the physical appearance of a deer, you might detect trampled plants, scraped bark, and torn leaves. Just like geese, deer can result in a great deal of damage to your grass and garden. Nevertheless, deer sometimes may respond in a hostile manner to kids or family pets.

This Is What You Must Do If You Required Wildlife Elimination Services

You don’t have to handle the risks and troubles of getting rid of wildlife by yourself. Simply just reach out to us for qualified wildlife removal in the Las Cruces, NEW MEXICO region. Allow our group of professionals to deal with the issue in the most safe, most humane manner.

Schedule your wildlife control services in Las Cruces, NM now, contact us!

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