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what does wildlife removal services do with the animals

What Does Wildlife Removal Services Do With The Animals?

The safest and most effective way to deal with a wild animal invasion is by seeking help from professional wildlife control services. But what does wildlife removal services do with the animals?

What is Humane Wildlife Removal Services?

Big cities and small towns alike are prone to wild animals. It’s almost inevitable that you will cross paths with wild animals, and quite often, these critters will find their way into your home. While this can be frightening, there are many ways to deal with the problem.

For instance, depending on where you live, the local government may provide wild animal control services free of charge. Some people may also decide to deal with the issue on their own. But unless you are properly trained or have experience handling wildlife, attempting wild animal trapping, handling, or removing is strongly discouraged.

There are many advantages of hiring a professional wildlife control company. For instance, trying to pinpoint a small critter hiding spot in your home can take hours or even days and can be extremely exhausting! But the experts are equipped with professional skills to inspect your entire home, locate the animal, and remove them as humanely and effectively as possible.

The Methods Wildlife Removal Services Utilize To Remove Animals

Assess and Remove

Professional critter removal services go beyond simple animal trapping. The best wildlife removal services near me will integrate pest management by identifying the root cause of the problem and customizing a complete solution to the animal problem in your property.

Note that a lot of expertise, experience, and laws go into critter removal. The methods utilized by wildlife control services to get rid of the critters, for instance, trapping and baiting, are all regulated to ensure your safety and the animals’ comfort.

That’s why amateurs are discouraged from trying wildlife removal. You may buy an expensive DIY trap but set it up all wrong. And the chances are that if you trap anything at all, it will most likely be the wrong animal – a non-target one, probably Lola, your neighbor’s kitten, who knows?

Secondly, there is a good chance that what you have done is illegal. And maybe it’s against the law to relocate the animal in your area. ‘Now what?’ Leave it to the pros; they are licensed to deal with the protected wildlife.

Most often, when wildlife animals invade your home, they pose health risks and cause damages of some sort. Critter Control experts are licensed and permitted by the law to remove these invaders from your home.

The experts will begin by conducting a complete inspection of the areas around and inside your property to discover the source of the problem. They will then determine the safest and most humane way to remove the wildlife. This strategy must include relocation of the animal and implementation of exclusion methods to prevent chances of future re-infestations.

Clear and Clean

But even after the wildlife has been removed, most professionals take a holistic approach and clean up the damages caused by the nuisance invaders. This includes services like sanitation and disinfection to ensure that the health and safety of your family are not compromised.

Because some animals like squirrels in attic can chew part of your roof open and destroy woodwork, the experts will assess and identify such damages. They will also repair the damages and restore your home or business to its original state.

Homeowners will also be informed in case of any damages beyond the scope of critter control experts like chewed electrical wiring.

Prevent and Protect

Finally, the experts will secure all possible entry points to protect your home and render it unattractive to any unwanted future wildlife visitors. They will also help you understand how you gained the nuisance wildlife and teach you how to avoid such situations from reoccurring.

Which Wildlife Control Methods Are Considered Humane and Non-Humane?

Wild animals can get into your yard or home in search of safe shelter and food. Most times, these animals are not interested in attacking you or even causing you harm. As such, the best way to get rid of invasive wildlife from your home is by using animal-friendly methods.

But quite often, most DIY wildlife removal methods end up seriously injuring or even killing the animal. Trapping and relocating is also not always considered a humane solution unless done by a trained expert. Why?

The expert must first inspect and determine the season when it’s best to relocate the animals. During the mating season, most homeowners end up trapping and relocating a nursing mother, leaving its babies orphaned. Consequently, causing them pain, suffering, starvation, and even death­­­ – that’s considered inhumane.

We understand that nuisance wildlife taking up residence in your home or business is frustrating, stress-inducing, and quite unsettling. That’s why our experts employ proven techniques and humane methods to safely and effectively remove wildlife animals from your premises. Our methods ensure animal exclusion to keep the invaders from returning while saving their lives and benefiting the ecosystem.

Why Choose Humane Wildlife Removal?

The most important thing to understand is that wildlife animals are not trying to invade your space or attack you. Like any other living creature, they desire a secure place to live and raise their young ones. And unfortunately, our homes present the perfect conditions with ample food supply and secluded places for the critters to feel safe.

Even so, it would be both dangerous and unsafe for humans to live with wild animals. Therefore, humane wildlife removal services near me are highly recommended. The experts work hard to protect you, your pets, and your loved ones while also ensuring the well-being of the animals.

You need to understand that these invaders are part of a larger community. And if killed or relocated to a place far from their natural habitat, the balance of their entire group could be affected adversely. Humane wildlife removal services provide the best control and protection results through careful, tried and tested methods of safe wildlife removal.

Once Captured, What Does Wildlife Removal Services Do with the Animals?

Most of the common wild animal invaders like squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, and opossums are pretty cunning and clever. This means that once eliminated, they will quickly find a way back to your home through the tiniest gaps, pipes, and holes.

However, wildlife removal experts know exactly how to deal with invasive critters to ensure their safety and guarantee zero chances of them returning to your home. The priority of a wildlife animal control expert is to handle the animals with care and remove them using humane methods.

The expert will re-unite babies with their mothers and return them to a safe and secure habitat away from your home. In the case an animal is injured, the critter controller will call animal shelter or contact the local wildlife rehabilitation center to get medical aid.

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It’s common for homeowners to use DIY methods when wildlife infest their property. But do you know why that is a bad idea?

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How Are The Trapped Animals Relocated?

Did you know that it’s illegal in most states to live trap wildlife and transport it off your property into another environment? Well, now you know.

Many people assume that releasing their unwanted guests into ‘the woods’ is the best way to give them a happy ever after. But it’s important to note that most of these animals will die soon after relocating! Let’s explain.

Once you introduce animals into a new habitat, everything is unfamiliar, and they do not know where to get food, water, or even what predators are around. The stress, starvation, and dehydration will soon kill them.

Besides, resident animals consider the new ‘invader’ a threat and will attack or even kill them. That’s why the trapped animals are better relocated by a trained critter removal expert.

Humane Relocation Methods

Critter controllers are dedicated to handling the animals as humanely as possible. They ensure the animals and their babies are reunited before being released into only selected habitats with the required safety, warmth, and security that guarantee their survival.

Experts employ biological and ethical release methods by NOT taking the animals too far from their home range. But instead, they release the animals close to where they were captured, allowing them to find another den while still having their food and water sources. In fact, it’s a law in most states that the animals be released on-site or in the same property in which they were trapped.

Remember that if the trapped animal is relocated too far, it may try to return to its original home range, putting itself at the risk of other animals’ aggression. In addition, the stress of being trapped and released in an unfamiliar environment may cause a mother to kill her babies. So, please call a wildlife animal control expert to trap and relocate any invasive critters.

trapped raccoon in no kill cage

How Do Wildlife Removal Services Comply To Wildlife Protection State Laws or Acts?

The main goal of wildlife removal experts is to save and protect wildlife. They relocate them to a safe habitat where they will survive. The professionals have the expertise and training required to deal with the animals humanely and effectively.

Similarly, the main objective of Wildlife Protection State Laws is to protect all wildlife species while conserving the endangered ones. The law also defines the trapping and releasing of wildlife.

In the same breath, wildlife animal control professionals are issued with permits and special licenses to remove and relocate wildlife from your home or business. Note that critter controllers follow strict rules when handling wildlife. And quite often, they work in conjunction with local shelters to ensure wildlife is safely trapped and relocated while the injured species are taken care of.

The Bottom Line

Wildlife removal may sound as easy as live-trapping the animal and releasing it into ‘the woods.’ But homeowners need to note that removing wildlife from their premises involves many laws and regulations that, when broken, can land you in serious trouble. For instance, you must prove to the authority that the invasive animal poses a threat to your health and safety before attempting to remove it.

Luckily, you don’t have to stress about these laws! We have been offering wildlife removal services for years now. And we are well familiar with every wildlife protection state’s laws and acts regarding the removal and release of wild animals.

Take the guesswork out of dealing with wildlife problems and contact us today for a complete inspection, removal, and release of the nuisance invader.

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