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Discover How Much Does Wildlife Removal Cost

Critter problem is a big nuisance that requires immediate eradication. If you wish to get them done by a professional but are eager to understand the cost of wildlife removal services, keep reading…

Cost of Wildlife Animal Removal

It can be horrifying for homeowners when wildlife invades their property and make habitat! Besides the potential for structural damages, invasive wildlife is known to cause contamination and the spread of serious diseases. For instance, bats harbor numerous viruses that cause severe diseases in humans like rabies, Ebola, and severe acute respiratory syndrome.

So it makes perfect sense when home and business owners want fast and effective wildlife removal services. Wildlife animal control involves the humane removal of selected problem populations of specific wildlife species like snakes, raccoons, skunks, moles, voles, rodents, bats, birds, and more!

This process usually demands professionalism, experience, and knowledge of the invasive animal as some like snakes use their venom in self defense. This is how an estimated 2.7 million people in the world get bitten, and nearly 100,000 die every year!

Once the wildlife removal experts have trapped the animal, they relocate it to another habitat away from your home while ensuring zero chances of re-infestations. Wildlife removal services can be demanding and time-consuming as the expert needs to ensure your safety and the animal’s well-being throughout the process.

A professional wildlife control company near me will often combine wildlife removal, exclusion, and relocation methods. So, how much does wildlife removal cost? The cost of wildlife animal control depends on numerous factors as discussed below.

Wildlife Control Costs

Wild animal control and removal services typically range from $180 to $556 on average. However, these costs can go upwards of $1000 depending on various factors, as we’ll discuss more in detail below. For instance, the cost will vary depending on the type of animal invading and the extent of damage that has already occurred.

Mostly, wildlife control services near me charge a flat/minimum fee, usually ranging between $180 and $250, for most common issues. However, depending on the company, you can expect to be charged additional hourly fees for every hour spent after the first hour of service.

These charges can range between $25-$250 per hour depending on the type of service required (control, exclusion, cleanup) and factors like the type of pest being removed and the location of your home.

Thinking of DIY critter control?

Note that the cost of DIY traps can range from $50-$350. And unless you are a trained professional or have the appropriate knowledge and skills, the high chances are that the results will be ineffective or unsuccessful. In addition, over-the-counter toxins threaten the health and safety of your family and pets.

Another factor that is often overlooked is the damages caused by these invasive creatures. The repair costs for these damages contribute to your overall DIY or professional critter removal costs. The fact is, the more you delay getting rid of the nuisance wildlife, the more damages they cause. Wildlife pests are known to destroy walls, insulation, HVAC system, electric wiring, and more.

Repairing these damages will quickly escalate your critter removal costs. As such, you are strongly advised to contact wildlife control services near me as soon as you suspect or notice signs of wildlife invasion.

The best thing about animal trapping services is that the experts are professionally trained, and they have been in the field for years! Therefore, they know exactly what to do to remove the wildlife completely and the most effective wildlife exclusion methods to keep the pest from your home for good!

Factors Determining the Cost of Wildlife Removal

Many factors play into critter removal costs. The price of controlling one animal species varies significantly from the cost of removing another. Other determining factors include where the animal has nested and your location. In some places, the local government may offer critter control services free of charge.

Once wildlife removal professionals inspect your home, they will determine the type of wildlife causing you trouble, the extent of the invasion, and the severity of damage caused. Depending on the findings, the experts will customize an appropriate method to treat the problem. These factors will also determine the overall cost of the animal removal services.

Below is an estimate of the prices you can expect depending on various factors:

Wildlife Removal Cost by Animal Type

Raccoons, squirrels, and rodents are generally the most expensive type of animals to control. That’s because of the type of trapping required, the number of possible entry points, and the extent of damage they cause.

Consider the following few samples:

Raccoons (costs range between $400 to $600)

These nuisance animals are protected by the law in most places. They, therefore, must be removed humanely and relocated to a safe habitat. This makes it extremely challenging for homeowners to deal with raccoons.

Squirrels (costs range between $200-$600)

They may be cute, but squirrels are the worst creatures that can invade your home. They are overly active and destructive, especially when building nests in your structures and chewing openings through vents, chimneys, sliding, and more.

Rodents, Rats and Mice (costs range between $150-$450)

They are perhaps the riskiest animals that can invade your home. Rodents chew on wiring and are responsible for 20% of the undetermined house fires in the United States every year. They must be exterminated fast and effectively as they also reproduce rapidly.

Groundhogs (costs range between $150-$200)

You need to worry about these invaders. They have strong teeth and an insatiable appetite. Groundhogs can damage everything from crops, germinating plants, and structures in your home.

Skunks (costs range between $300-$600)

Skunks are quite curious and can get mischievous. They diligently find their way into crawl spaces and in the basement in search of rats, mice, and other pests to eat. Shooting or poisoning these invasive species is unlawful and punishable in many places. So, you should seek help from wildlife control services near me immediately.

Opossum (costs range between $250-$500)

If you ask any homeowner who has had an opossum problem before, opossums cause damages extremely fast and are hard to get rid of on your own. Call a professional immediately to do a thorough inspection and control swiftly.

Birds (costs range between $100- $300)

Pigeons and other common bird invaders mainly build their nests in chimneys, garages, and under eaves. In most places, it’s illegal to destroy some bird nesting areas, especially when they have young ones to feed. Because laws protecting bird species vary from state to state, the best thing to do is seek help from critter removal professionals.

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Why choose humane wildlife removal? What does wildlife removal services do with the animals once captured? 

It’s common for homeowners to use DIY methods when wildlife infest their property. But do you know why that is a bad idea?

dead opossum

The Cost of Removing Dead Animals Vs. Live Animals

Professional wildlife control services include live animal trapping and removal, as well as getting rid of dead animals and sealing all possible animal entry points. While we have discussed the average cost of removing live animals above, the price of removing dead animals differs dramatically.

Ideally, the cost of removing dead animals depends on the location of the animals and their size. For instance, the price of removing a deceased animal from easily accessible areas like crawlspaces and attics is much lower compared to hard-to-reach areas.

While you can pay $150 or much less for such areas, these prices can shoot up to $250 or even more in hard-to-access locations. Note that dead animals release bacteria that expose humans and pets to health risks while also exuding awful odors that attract an insect infestation. Therefore, you may pay more for dead animal removal than a live one.

The Cost Of Removing Wildlife From Different Locations In Your Home And Property

When wildlife invades your home, they are not restricted to the outdoors alone. Some invaders like rodents are in search of food and a safe shelter. Others like snakes will quickly get inside your home and in the basement when the weather becomes unfavorable outdoors.

Just like residential homes, commercial premises like hotels, restaurants, colleges, hospitals, and daycares are also vulnerable to wildlife invasions. These premises also have holes, openings, and cracks that squirrels, rodents, snakes, raccoons, skunks, and other animals can squeeze through.

Once they get inside your premises, wildlife can shelter in numerous places like gardens, attic, kitchen, back yard, and more. A good example is groundhogs that prefer to take shelter in the yard, basement, or crawl spaces.

The cost of removing groundhogs from yards and crawlspaces ranges between $150 to $200, while removing squirrels from attics can cost between $200 to $600. Please note that these prices are also subject to change depending on the size of the infestation.

raccoon looking for food in trash can

Professional Wildlife Removal Services Save You Cost In The Long Run

While professional critter control guarantees 100% effective results, DIY wildlife animal control is almost always a bad idea. Besides being extremely demanding, trying to remove wildlife on your own is a dangerous attempt that might expose you and your loved ones to risks as the animals advance in self-defense.

In addition, DIY traps are pretty pricey, and unless plugged by an expert, the high chances are that they won’t work. In fact, most invasive creatures will find a way around your trap or squeeze around its edge so that they’ll chew through the interior walls into your home.

Secondly, sealing up animal entry points means that they’ll be trapped underneath your home, basement, or attic. The animal will eventually die, resulting in an awful smell, rot, and opportunistic bugs.

Note that the cost of removing dead animals is relatively higher than removing a live one. Therefore, you want to call wildlife removal services near me at the first sign of an animal problem.

The Bottom Line

We understand that wildlife invasions can be a pain to get rid of on your own. Besides, ignoring the invasion results in greater problems like structural damages and serious health risks. Contact us today for a thorough inspection of your entire property or home to determine the animal species causing you trouble and the level of the infestation, if there is one.

Our experts will also discover all possible animal entry points. From the findings, they will customize the most effective service plan that will remove the animal and protect your home from chances of future re-infestations.

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